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Clinic Media can be contacted at the following address

If you would like to join the Clinic Productions mailing list to be kept informed of upcoming productions and auditions simply comment on this page below and we will record your details (your email will not be visible to others and will not be passed on to anyone!)


9 Responses to “Contact Clinic”

  1. Stick a comment in here and we will keep you up to date with all our upcoming productions!

  2. Hi, Im a professionally trained actress that has just recently moved to Cork. My C.V. can be seen at
    I’d love to be informed about any auditions that your company might be holding.

    All the best,

  3. eoinohannrachain Says:

    Thanks Sarah, the female role in our next production, Night Swimming, has already been filled but we’ll keep your details on file.

    Please let me know of any plays etc that you are in. Looking forward to seeing your work.

  4. Hi Eoin & Dave,

    Its great to see that you have got this company off the ground. I remember you talking about setting it up years ago. I have looked at the footage of your plays and it looks great. It has got a very contemporary feel to the work. I am directing Theatre in Education plays that tour professionally in London so if there is anything you would like to work on or collaborate on in the future. Then we can talk. Best of luck with everything you do and i wish you all the success with it.

    • eoinohannrachain Says:

      Hi Patrick. Thanks for the comment. Theatre In Education in London! Sounds good. Would be good to collaborate again sometime. I’ll have a think about projects…

  5. PAdraig Dunne Says:

    Hi Guys

    I have, what i think is a good script. If you want a look let me know. Its a short

  6. eoinohannrachain Says:

    Hi, Padraig. Good to meet you yesterday.

    I’m always interested in good scripts, be it a short, feature or play. If you could email it on to that would be great.

    I should tell you that it’ll be at least July by the time I get around to reading it as I have a few plays I’m supposed to be reading and Breakfast to film.

    Looking forward to reading your work!

  7. Timmie Murphy Says:

    Hi there, im a trained actore recently moved from Dublin to cork lookin for auditions for upcomming shows. i have last acted in the granary before moving to Dublin and i would love to get back into acting in Cork

    • eoinohannrachain Says:

      Hi Timmie. If you email us your CV and Headshot we’ll keep you informed of our future auditions. clinicproductions[at]

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