Acting Initiative starts Phase 2

Clinic Media, in association with The Granary Theatre, will be holding a “Creating New Work” workshop on Monday the 19th of October. The purpose of the workshop is to choose people to join Phase 2 of The Acting Initiative and create new work.

The Acting Initiative is an actor’s laboratory for experimenting and exploring a range of techniques, which will stand to the actor’s benefit during any rehearsal process and performance. In Phase 1 actors are invited to attend and share ideas during fortnightly meetings.

In Phase 2 of the Initiative we will be focusing on creating new work. It will primarily be a devising group, but we also plan to work on new scripts – with the writer with a view to getting to a new draft – and at working on a published script and doing a performance of it that focuses mostly on the acting and the text (as opposed to production values).

The motivation behind Phase 2 is similar to Phase 1 in that the regular performances will help to hone the skills of the actors involved. It also allows a platform to put the techniques from Phase 1 into practice.

The workshop on Monday the 19th of October is to decide on the participants for this group. Interested actors are being asked to send their Headshots and CV’s for consideration ( The workshop will run from 7-9, and CV’s will be accepted until Monday the 12th of October.

People who are not picked for the first project may be asked to participate later as we will be looking at group dynamic and suitability to the genre of work we have in mind for each project.

The Acting Initiative will be facilitated by Eoin Ó hAnnracháin and Mary-Louise Mc Carthy.


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