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Music of The Dark Knight. Update!! Cinematography too!

Posted in Commentary on January 16, 2009 by eoinohannrachain

The Dark Knight

I became somewhat obsessed with The Dark Knight during 2008 (well my blogger persona did) and I have to admit that after seeing the movie it only got worse! What a great film! It’s continuing into 2009 and I’m being aided by the excellent Unofficial Blog.

This post is to draw your attention to an interview with Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard who composed the score for The Dark Knight. Thanks to the unofficial blog for bringing it to my attention.

Film score’s have always interested me but I believe that anyone who is interested in the creative process will find this inspiring.

There’s a great extra feature on the DVD about the Joker’s theme too. Worth checking out!

*Update! There’s a very interesting interview with Director of Photography Wally Pfister here.*


The Acting Initiative

Posted in The Acting Initiative on January 12, 2009 by eoinohannrachain

The Acting Initiative

A group of actors who meet regularly and act.

Clinic Media in association with The Granary Theatre present The Acting Initiative, a group of actors who will use existing texts in an open and safe environment, to experiment and explore a range of techniques, which will stand to the actor’s benefit during any rehearsal process and performance.

The group will exchange exercises and techniques essential to acting, using mutual feedback to gauge success on an ongoing basis.

Starting Monday, January 12th, in The Granary Studio. Check back soon for further updates.