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Mark O’Rowe wins Fringe First award at Edinburgh

Posted in Commentary on August 22, 2008 by eoinohannrachain

Mark O’Rowe, author of Howie The Rookie, has won the Scotsman Fringe First award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The Fringe First award is given out by veteran theatre critics to a select number of productions at the festival. For most a favourable review is a marvelous achievement, but to receive this award is more than the majority of entrants could ever dream.

Our congratulations go out to Mark O’Rowe and all involved with Terminus.

See the full story here.


Theatre? On A Sunday?

Posted in Commentary on August 7, 2008 by eoinohannrachain

During my Theatre going youth I often wondered, as an audience member, why there were never any performances on a Sunday. Now that I am a little older and am on the other side of things I still wonder the same thing.

A quick Google search later I found this from Michael Billington’s Theatre Blog;

The stock argument against Sunday opening is that actors, stage-crews and front-of-house staffs have private lives too and want to be with their families. I see their point. But, for anyone in the entertainment business, part of the contract is that you have to work anti-social hours.

I couldn’t agree with him more. I believe that not doing shows on a Sunday is one of the many ways that Theatre is shooting itself in the foot these days. Monday to Thursday are school/work nights for most people. Yes, people go to Theatre on these nights – and it helps that Theatre ends at a relatively early time – but as life gets busier these nights become fuller and fuller, and people become more tired and less inclined to leave the house. Evenings such as these are ruled by the DVD or the TV.

Friday sees the start of the weekend, but it is also a night when the toils of the busy working week take their toll. The pub calls for a lot of people! Saturday is the one night in a regular week where people can stay out late without repercussions so the, early finishing, Theatre is not the most appealing of prospects. Then there’s Sunday.

A Sunday is traditionally a lazy day. It begins with the recovery from the night before. This puts everything late. Breakfast is late, lunch is late, dinner is late. By the time the evening comes nobody wants to go for a late night out. On the other hand though, it is a waste of a day off not to do anything. After all your job owns you for the next 5 days!

If only there was somewhere to go where one could be entertained? Where one could get something to talk about in work the next day? Where one would still get to bed at a reasonable time? If only Theatre had the sense to do shows on a Sunday!

At the moment Cinema is the Sunday night King. The 8pm and 9pm showings are full every week. I believe a large reason for this is that there is little or no competition. Theatre could clean up on Sundays!

I am acting in Roddy Doyle’s Brownbread in the Firkin Crane opening next Saturday, the 9th of August. We are running until Tuesday the 12th and we ARE doing a show on Sunday night. I will be very interested to see what size of an audience we get.

I’ll let ye know how we get on. 🙂

Until then what do ye think about Sunday openings? Should Theatre’s open on Sundays?